Wood Paddle Pizza and Tap - Aurora Colorado

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What a little gem this is! When Kevin and I stopped by for an impromptu dinner and beer, we had no idea it was going to be this good!  Wood Paddle Pizza and Tap lives up to all the great reviews it has on facebook, Google and Yelp.

A couple of weeks ago, Kevin and I were out running errands all afternoon and, as usual, by about 4.30pm we were starving.  We remembered seeing a sign for this place while driving around the area and we love to support local businesses near the Smoky Hill Road corridor. So, we decided to check it out. 

30149361727_b28aba36f3_zWood Paddle Pizza and Tap is located in the Shopping Center on the corner of Buckley and Quincy. It’s next door to Gamestop and is clearly marked with the word ‘Pizza’ above their door. It’s not a huge space but I think that adds to the charm. There’s a real ‘local’ feel to this place and I loved the interior. When you first walk in you can’t help but notice all the wood paddles on the wall to the left and then opposite you see the striking blue mosaic tiled brick oven. As you walk to the back of the restaurant your eye is drawn to the large menu boards on the back wall.

Pizza isn’t the only thing on their menu, they also have a great selection of starters including Baked Meatballs, Mac and Cheese of the Week and their version of a french onion soup called The French Quad-er Soup.  We didn’t get any starters which now looking back, seemed a bit of mistake.  I promise you we will rectify that next time!  They also have a decent selection of salads and some delicious sounding sandwiches including a Meatball Hero, Grilled Cheese and a Philly.  Desserts are also available and again, they sound pretty enticing and I think I will get the Cast Iron Black and White Cookie next time!  This is described as a ‘Gooey triple chocolate cookie with vanilla gelato.  Mmmmmm.

So, back to the main fare that we went to try - the pizzas. All pizzas come in a 12” size and they have all the ingredients you typically find at any gourmet pizza place these days including, prosciutto, caramelized onions, smoked provolone, chorizo, goat cheese etc. They have a few other ingredients that you don’t typically see but they’ve incorporated these into some delicious pizzas. We both chose a different pizza so we could get a good sampling. Kevin chose the Prosciutto pizza which was described as Prosciutto, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Artichokes, Fresh Oregano, Truffle Oil and Roasted Garlic. I ordered the ‘El Roddy De Rowdy’ which was described as Chili Oil, Spicy Chorizo, Smoked Provolone, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Roasted Bell Peppers, Fried Egg and Baby Arugula. They do have a gluten free option as well.

You may have noticed in the name of this place the work ‘tap’. They have a fabulous selection of Colorado hand crafted beers on tap!  When we were there they had about 15 beers to choose from as well as a cask beer and cans of cider. Famous names on their beer list include Dry Dock Apricot Blonde, Telluride Russell Kelly and Great Divide Hazy IPA.  I chose the Dry Dock Wood Paddle Amber which was delicious.

We chose a table and sat down to enjoy our beers. The restaurant was about a third full at this point but started to fill up over time. We were well looked after by a friendly waitress and we didn’t really have to wait too long for our pizzas considering they were made from scratch on the spot. As our waitress sat our pizzas in front of us the wonderful smell hit our noses, WOW!  Our eyebrows were certainly raised at not only the amazing smell but also the presentation of the pizzas.  

They looked absolutely delicious and we couldn’t wait to tuck in. The crust is always the key to a great pizza in my opinion and this crust was thin but not too thin, and super crunchy with a great taste.  The entire pizza was yummy and the fried egg on top really added an extra special touch. Kevin’s pizza was equally as delicious. You could tell they had skilled chefs working there as well as high quality ingredients used to make the pizzas.  We tried really hard to not eat all of our pizzas but we failed miserably, they were so good and we just couldn’t stop. 

We were completely taken by surprise by this pizza place. There are so many pizza restaurants that open up and say they have something different and they usually fail because they’re average. This one, however, is very unassuming but I guarantee it will surprise you too!  Everything about this place brings a smile to your face. We now consider this to be our go to place for pizza every time.