Wine Experience Cafe in Southlands - Aurora

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Laura and I went to the Wine Experience Cafe in Southlands during Denver Restaurant Week in 2019.

We had not been before and really had not heard anything about it. They were one of the few restaurants in the Smoky Hill area taking part in the Denver Restaurant Week happenings so we thought that would be a great reason to try it out.

First impression was not good at all. Ironically, it took us forever to get the wine to the table. We ordered it and it took nearly 15 minutes before the server showed up with the bottle. Luckily the wine was good and the night got better from there.

The food service was a lot better than the wine service by a long shot. We had a starter, some sort of a wonton (I'll be honest with you, I don't remember exactly what it was, just that it was delicious). For main dish Laura ordered fish and chips, go figure right? I had the pork belly. Both were very good, but the pork belly was outstanding. It was very well cooked, fat rendered beautifully and the meat was succulent, tender and juicy. If I had to criticize it, the skin (crackling) was not as crispy as it should be. The meat was delicious enough to help me get over the lack of crackling though, but the Brits would not let them off so easily however.





With service and food considered here, I think I would give Wine Experience 3.5 stars. I'd like to give 4, but the long wait for a bottle of wine in a fine-dining restaurant is a little too much. I would much rather get the bottle of wine quickly and then have a longer wait to order, at least you would have wine to sip over conversation. Forgive the 3 star image, I do not have a 3.5 star image lol.