Platea Latin Eatery & Cantina in Southlands

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Our evening out was completely unplanned and had come at the end of a very busy week, so Kevin and I were more than ready for a couple of good drinks and a nice meal.  We started out at the sun drenched patio at The Rock and Googled our restaurant options as we enjoyed the late summer evening.  We like to stick close to home and certainly along the Smoky Hill Road corridor.  Obviously this area brings into play the Southlands Shopping Center. Platea stood out immediately with the great reviews so that’s where we headed!

43041735420_06c83af5cd_zTucked in between Ted’s Montana Grill and Old Chicago Pizza, near the cinema, Platea is described as a Latin Eatery and Cantina and has 4.3 stars for all it’s 180 Google reviews. It’s easy to find and there’s plenty of parking nearby. As you walk up to the front of the restaurant you see they have a nice little outdoor patio and their sign prominently displayed above the door. 

As we walked in the door we were our attention was immediately drawn to the bar area over to the left where they had a cool blue lit background highlighting many bottles of tequila. We were immediately greeted by a friendly gal who took us back to our seat.  We were seated at a table where there’s a booth style seat against the wall and then chairs opposite. I love these types of tables so I was happy. Menu’s were quickly brought to us including a drinks menu. I was happy to see some Margaritas on the menu as well as other cool, Latin style drinks that I had never heard of. I actually ordered a ‘spicy’ Margarita upon the suggestion of my server. It had Jalapeño tequila in it and was absolutely delicious. I would love to work my way through their drinks menu and try some of the unique concoctions! They also have a great wine selection and both draught and bottled beer options. In case you’re wondering, they do indeed have a Happy Hour - Monday to Friday 3pm - 6pm.

While enjoying our drinks we took a long look through the menu.  They have a section of ‘Small Plates’ which is great is you’re looking for more of the Tapas feel. If not then you can certainly start out with something from this section. This section including dishes like Quesadillas, Guacamole, Chicharron De Pollo which sounded yummy - it’s Breaded Chicken Breast, Lime and Chili Sauce. Another that I think I’ll try next time is the Quesadilla De Huitlacoche which is described as Queso Asadero, Corn or Flour Tortillas, Mexican Truffle, Onion and Tomato.   Doesn’t that sound yummy.  Very Latin indeed.

We chose our starter from their ‘Chips Y Salsa’ section.  This section listed 8 different types of salsa to choose from, or you could pick three and create your own sampler.  We created a sampler of the ‘Verde’, ‘Chipotle’ and ‘Mixta’ which was Mango, Habanero Peppers, Red Onion and Cilantro and was very tasty and very spicy! Our Salsas were served with a type of tortilla chip which was delicious but I would describe it as more of a homemade Pita Chip. We ran out of chips and salsa fairly quickly - we were hungry, so the waitress brought us more.

While enjoying our Salsa’s, and another drink, we looked through the rest of the menu to decide what we’d like next.  So much to choose from and it all looked amazing. The rest of the menu included sections for Empanadas, Salads, Soups, Tacos, Seafood, Tortas and ‘Platea Specialties’.  I opted for the ‘Mixiote’ which was Braised Leg of Lamb served with Arroz Poblano and Frijoles Do Olla.  Kevin chose the ‘Suadero’ Tacos. These were described as Sauteed thin cut Ribeye, Onion topped with Queso A La Plancha.

The restaurant started to fill up quite quickly as we waited for our next course. Lots of yummy plates of food were wafting by us. Our food came fairly quickly, the presentation was very good and the smell was amazing. I quickly tucked into mine and yum!  The sauce that my lamb sat in was delicious. You could tell it was homemade and not out of a can. There was so much flavor in the sauce and the lamb went well with it.  The accompaniments of the rice and beans were fabulous too.  Nothing resembling your typical Mexican restaurant at Platea.  The beans were fresh and very tasty and the rice came mixed with Poblano chillies to add to the completeness of the dish. Kevin’s loved his Tacos too. I managed to scrounge a bite and I could only agree that they were absolutely delicious. Again, everything was fresh, well cooked and full of flavor. He and I cleaned our plates!

We would  normally ask for the check at this point but our waitress asked if we wanted dessert and cleverly suggested a couple of things that had us salivating once again.  The staff through the whole evening were really friendly and attentive and honestly helped to make our night out a memorable one. We were having way too much fun so we happily took up the offer of dessert.  The waitress quickly returned with a dessert menu. Kevin and I couldn’t even hold ourselves to get one dessert to share, we both picked from the menu. I chose the Churros as the waitress had suggested.  These were described as lightly fried mexican sweet dough filled with Cajeta topped with cinnamon with a chocolate dipping froth.  Kevin chose the Platano Macho which was Plantain cooked in condensed milk.  I know, right!  Well I can only report that they were both amazing desserts and none that either of us had tried before.  We shared both desserts and honestly couldn’t decide which we liked better. 

We were truly stuffed after all that food and just sat back with huge smiles on our faces. One of the mangers swung by our table to see how we liked it and we could only respond with words like ‘amazing’, ‘delicious’, ‘very good’ and ‘we’ll be back’. What a fabulous experience we had on our night out at Platea. We will indeed be going back - a lot!