Jus Grill for Breakfast in Aurora

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There’s nothing my husband, Kevin, and I love more than going out to Breakfast or Sunday Brunch. We often meet up on a Sunday morning with family to catch up for a couple of hours over a delicious and relaxing meal. There are so many places to choose from so we decided to ask for recommendations on our Smoky Hill Living Facebook Community Page. The first person to respond to our request suggested Jus’ Grill, so that’s where we went!

It’s really easy to find, located on the corner of Liverpool and Arapahoe Roads, just off Smoky Hill Road in the Saddle Rock area, near the golf course. There’s ample parking too. They do have another location at Buckley Square which is on the corner of Iliff and Buckley.

I should mention that this isn’t purely a breakfast restaurant. They are open 7 days a week from about 7am to about 8.30pm most days. So, they not only serve breakfast but also lunch and dinner. They also serve alcohol and have some delicious looking Margaritas as well as beer, wine and other mixed drinks.

We rolled up about 10am last Sunday and met my husband’s parents there as well as his brother and wife, so if I can still count, that was 6 of us! To my surprise we were seated immediately! This has not been the experience at any other Breakfast place I’ve been to in the area on a Sunday morning. Usually you can expect a half hour to an hour wait.

The restaurant was fairly busy but able to accommodate our party as soon as we walked in. They have the usual seating available with lots of tables of various sizes and a nice breakfast bar for those dining in a small group, or alone. I noted there wasn’t any booths. There’s nothing fancy about the decor inside but it is clean and tidy and I’d say typical of a locally owned restaurant.

We were immediately greeted by our waitress who was friendly. She gave us each a menu and  took our drink order which she lodged in her memory - how do they do that?  The menu was quite large which you’ll know from other blogs I’ve written is often of concern when expecting quality from a restaurant but I do find with breakfasts that it’s fairly repetitive items so it’s not quite as significant when faced with so many options.

As previously mentioned, they are open all day so the menu not only has breakfast items but also appetizers, burgers, wraps, salads, soups and for dinner they have quite a selection of Mexican entrees and standard desserts like apple pie and cheesecake. There’s no mention on the menu of specific times that they serve the various menu options for breakfast, lunch or dinner so I can only assume you can get anything on the menu at any time of the day.

We all opted for something from the Breakfast section of the menu. I had my usual classic American breakfast with Bacon, fried eggs, hash browns and sourdough toast. My husband had the Country Fried Steak, others had omelettes, a skillet and my father in law had ‘Crabby Benny Benedict’ which was crab cakes topped with a pair of poached eggs covered with Hollandaise sauce. He said it was delicious. My husband enjoyed his Country Fried Steak but said he wasn’t blown away by it. I guess that’s how I felt about my breakfast too - while I enjoyed it and would happily eat it again, there was nothing outstanding about it. I did feel like the bacon, for some unknown reason, was a bit thin and bland. The homemade hash browns were actually more like potatoes which I prefer and I could have eaten a whole plate of those, they were amazing. My brother in law enjoyed his skillet and said it was very tasty and everyone else just said it was nice.

So, I guess, the reviews coming from our table were mixed but overall we’d be happy to come back. Most likely we won’t though because we have enjoyed other places a lot more for a nice Breakfast or Sunday brunch. I don’t want to be unfair to this place because it definitely has some delicious items on the menu and as is often the case with restaurants, if you order the right thing then it can instantly become a place you frequent. Certainly the skillet was a hit as was the Eggs Benedict with the crab cakes. Obviously, I can’t report on the rest of the menu so I don’t know how good their lunch or dinner items are but I suspect if we tried them we’d have the same mixed reviews.

This restaurant was recommended by a member of our Smoky Hill Living Facebook Community page and obviously he thinks it’s great and if you read the reviews then his views are shared by a lot of other people. They have 4.1 stars on Google for this location and 4.4 at the Illiff location. I can’t really go against the majority on this one especially after just one visit as well as a couple of dishes that were really enjoyed by our family. My recommendation is give this restaurant a try, especially with the short or no wait times. Maybe start with one of the Skillets or the crab cake Eggs Benedict. Here's the link to their website...  http://www.jusgrillaurora.com/