Dougs Day Diner - Parker Rd and Orchard Rd

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I realize there’s a lot of great restaurants in the Smoky Hill area but I’ve stopped my search for the best breakfast because I love Doug’s Day Diner.

Located on E Orchard Rd at 15444, it’s your classic breakfast restaurant with several roomy booths, lots of tables pushed fairly tight together and a bar for those dining solo. When you walk in, even early on a Sunday morning it’s busy! There are waiters and waitresses rushing around providing excellent service and a very experienceTex-Mex-Breakfastd host to find you the best seat. Lengthy wait times are to be expected with any decent breakfast place but it’s well worth the wait.

Kevin and I can’t help but order biscuits and gravy wherever we go so we can measure the quality of the food. Doug’s Day Diner not only has home made biscuits but everything there is home made, that’s why they’re the best! Kevin loves Chicken Fried Steak and you’ll get more than your fair share here. It’s a huge plate full especially with the added biscuit, gravy, 3 eggs and hash browns, definitely potential for a doggy bag. I usually order the classic fried eggs and bacon with a side of sourdough toast. I’m a bit of a princess when it comes to my bacon as I always like it extra crispy and Doug’s Day Diner cooks it to perfection, it’s by far the best bacon I’ve ever had.

Now if you’re looking for something different then this Diner is for you too. They have Tex Mex inspired dishes that include some delicious ingredients like carne asada tri tip, slow roasted pork in a red chile sauce, chorizo and turkey green chilli sausages. This section of the menu includes breakfast burritos as well as bowls of deliciousness that they call ‘Papas’.

They have a great selection of omelettes as well as some yummy pancakes to complete your breakfast.

You may have noticed it’s called a ‘Day Diner’ and that’s because they serve lunch as well. I haven’t tried their lunch menu but I’m sure I will have to return sometime soon for one of their delicious Burgers. I noticed on their menu that they have an unusual combination - a burger with peanut butter, jam, green chilli and cheddar. I really don’t think I will ever order that but I’m sure one of you reading this will have to give it a go.

If you’re not a fan of burgers then you’ll no doubt be looking through their menu at the hot sandwiches and soups but if you want something even lighter, they do have salads and a healthy sandwich option stuffed with all kinds of green stuff. They also make good use of all those Tex Mex ingredients freshly prepared for breakfast and offer some tasty lunch burritos that come complete with guacamole and sour cream.

Supporting local businesses is very important and Doug’s Day Diner is one to support for sure. They make it easy to have a nice meal out and with everything made from scratch it’s a solid alternative to cooking at home for your family.