Casa Vallarta - Great Mexican Restaurant in Aurora

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As Kevin and I drive around the Smoky Hill Road area we notice loads and loads of Mexican restaurants but rarely do we go to one without a recommendation. I’m sure you’re the same so we are reviewing this restaurant so you can add it to your list of options when the craving for Mexican food hits.

45914880321_e62bd80ed9_mLocated very close to us just north of Quincy on Parker Road, this restaurant won’t disappoint. After posting a recent review of the 3 Margaritas, we had a lot of suggestions of other places to try and this one came out near the top. As we pulled up to the restaurant we noticed they had two separate doors, one for their Tequila Bar and the other for the Restaurant. We opted for the Restaurant side this time.

We were greeted at the door and promptly shown to a booth by the window.  Call me persnickety but I always like to see how clean a restaurant is and you can often tell by looking around your seat. The booth was spotless including the window blinds and the seating felt new and very comfortable.

Our waiter came by quickly to get our drinks order.  As usual we both chose a ‘top shelf’ margarita but because we were asked if we wanted to ‘supersize’ them, you bet we did!  Chips and salsa followed quickly with two choices of salsa, one was a pico de gallo and the other a salsa. Both were delicious and I didn’t have to ask for the ‘spicy salsa’ as the regular salsa had a nice kick to it. The chips were light, fresh and warm.

We had a good look through the menu which had all the usual Mexican fare. I usually like to order a beef burrito of some kind but I’m often torn by the Fajitas. Kevin suggested we ordered Fajitas for Two which we did. We chose the beef and shrimp. While we waiting for our main course we powered through the chips and salsa and before we got to the last chip, more arrived including salsa refills. The Margaritas were delicious, plenty of alcohol and a nice sharp lime flavor.

Our Fajitas didn’t take long to arrive, we could hear them coming around the corner, sizzling away. We were supplied with tortillas and all the usual fixings as well as the side orders of Guacamole we asked for. The smell was amazing! The first bite of beef was fabulous, the meat was tender and had a great flavor. Then I followed it up with a shrimp and same! Very delicious. Kevin and I proceeded to make up our tortillas, as you do and thoroughly enjoyed every bite. We ran out of tortillas so we wanted to order more. This was pretty quick and easy because our server was very attentive so our food didn’t go cold waiting for more tortillas which we’ve had happen before. Kevin sucked down his Margarita and ordered another, that also came very quickly. Delicious meal!

We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal but managed to eat every last morsel. They brought out some delicious, homemade, warm Sopapillas with the check. This was a nice finish to the evening, not too heavy but mmmm mmmm good!

I think next time we go we might try the Tequila Bar. As we left we noticed it was buzzing in there. I believe they have a good happy hour which appeared to be the draw on this Friday night. According to their website, Happy Hour is from 4-7pm Monday through Friday and they serve FREE Chicken Wings and Tacos!  Can’t beat that. They also have Karaoke nights and specials during all the Broncos games.

We both recommend this restaurant, they serve fabulous Mexican food and the service is excellent.