Casa Mariachi, Parker Colorado

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fajitasAs you can tell from our previous posts, Laura and I love Mexican food. It surprises me that neither of us have written this particular post yet to be honest. Casa Mariachi in Parker has been our favorite Mexican restaurant in this area for a long time.

I don't think we have been there any time and not seen the restaurant packed to capacity with a wait list out the front door. With that in mind, I would suggest getting there around 4:00-4:30 if you are going on a Friday or Saturday night. They do have a lot of tables so they do get you seated relatively quickly. Also they have a walk-up bar so you can get a margarita or two in while you wait for your table.

Some of our favorites at casa Mariachi would have to include: the top shelf margaritas, their salsa is delicious but we also suggest you ask for the "hot salsa" because it is very very good, and they have outstanding fajitas (I suggest the steak and shrimp combo). Laura and I can usually get away with sharing a single order, although we rarely do that, order the fajitas for 2 and you can feed an entire family just about.

We have been with several friends and lots of family and everybody has come away with similar opinions. I would say the consensus is that it is very good. Not sure I would give it 5 starts by any means, but I would give it a very solid 4 stars for sure.

Anyway, if you have not been to Casa Mariachi yet, we highly recommend that you head down to Parker and give them a try. They are located on Parker Rd & Lincoln, right in front of Murdoch's.