Bookmakers Burgers Bourbon and Brews

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Bookmakers is right on the mark when it comes to a great Burger. There’s something special about a locally owned restaurant that excels and this great bar and restaurant on Smoky Hill Road has become one of our instant favorites.

We love trying new places in our area and when we decided we needed a burger and a good stiff drink, we opened up Google, as you do, and searched for restaurants on Smoky Hill Road. Bookmakers popped up near the top of the list and had a row of stars along with excellent reviews so that’s where we headed.

It’s located just on the corner of Smoky Hill Road and Arapahoe Road in the King Soopers shopping center. It was easy to spot the sign above the bar and there was ample parking nearby. When you first walk in the door you notice the huge bar taking over most of the right side and a wall filled with Bourbon, Whisky and every type of alcohol you could imagine. The rest of the bar is filled with tables and booths then the kitchen is at the back.  The walls have several TVs showing various sports and a whiteboard with all their upcoming fun events for the football season. We went fairly late afternoon, around 4pm so it wasn’t super busy at that point.

We decided to perch ourselves at the end of the bar and we were immediately greeted with a friendly bartender. Although I would have loved to try their flight of Bourbons, I had to keep it low key with it being a week day but I will definitely go back to try some of the Bourbons.  I had a glass of Pinot Grigio which was very nice and my husband had a draught beer.

Our attention then turned to the menu to choose something to eat. The menu isn’t very big but in my experience that’s a good sign because it says they are confident that what they do serve is delicious. They have more than burgers, they have some typical starters that include their onion rings that looked absolutely amazing, they also have some tasty looking salads as well as nice selection of sandwiches. There’s a kids menu as well and don’t forget Dessert - those looked delicious as well and I think next time I’ll try the ‘Bookmakers Dessert Pretzels’! I also noticed that they’ve started serving breakfast on the weekend, both days from 8am until 11am.

Based on the reviews and our need for a burger, my husband and I both ordered accordingly. He ordered the ‘Bookmakers BBQ Burger’ which is described as having 8oz of fresh certified Angus Beef, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cheddar cheese, crispy onion strings and a BBQ sauce.  I ordered the ‘Bookmakers Mushroom-Swiss Burger’ - 8oz fresh certified Angus Beef, a generous portion of grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese.  I’m not a fan of cheese on my burger so I ordered it without the cheese. I ordered their home made potato chips with my burger and my husband ordered the fries.

We enjoyed our drinks for a little while and it wasn’t long before our burgers arrived!  The first thing I did was cut into the middle of mine and wow!  It was just a little pink, as I like it and it looked so juicy.  After adding a little ketchup, I took my first bite and yum!  It was very flavorful, juicy and the mushrooms were clearly fresh and not out of a can. The bun was a fairly high quality just to add to the enjoyment. Next was to try the chips and how can you go wrong with homemade chips!  They were a little thicker than regular chips, they were warm and slightly salted and very crunchy.  Another winner! My husband loved his burger too. His was perfectly cooked and juicy and the toppings made it delicious.  The fries that accompanied his burger were just your average fries, nothing special but they were fine. I think his only complaint about the burger was he found the BBQ sauce a little sweet but that could just be his taste buds and someone else may love the sweetness so it wasn’t really a negative.

As we were enjoying our burger we soaked up the atmosphere and took note of our surroundings a little. It looked like they have some fund events around football season as well as some great specials.  With all the TVs on the wall I imagine it would be a fun place to go for game night. I bet it gets very busy. We couldn’t really take our eye of the huge wall full of Bourbons, a lot we’ve not heard of. This really encouraged us to go back so we could check out the full effect of this great bar and restaurant.

I highly recommend giving this place a try, I’m confident you’ll enjoy their burgers accompanied by a glass (or two) of the many Bourbons. Enjoy!