3 Margaritas Mexican Restaurant In Aurora

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30342541517_d3a9f46039_zI don’t know about you but I could eat Mexican food every day! So it’s good job that there are plenty of Mexican restaurants to choose from along the Smoky Hill Corridor.  A new one we checked out last week as 3 Margaritas on the corner of Smoky Hill and Arapahoe, south east Aurora. 

We are all about supporting local restaurants and although there are many locations throughout Colorado, each one is owned by the original founding Morales family. You could certainly feel the family touch at this location. We were greeted warmly at the front door and immediately seated, despite turning up about 6.30pm on a Friday evening. We didn’t have to wait long before chips and salsa was delivered to our table and our waiter was also fairly prompt to take our drinks order.

Kevin and I both ordered a Margarita but different types.  I ordered the Cadillac and he ordered the ‘Original Margarita’. We noticed after we ordered that the table opposite us had a huge Margarita so I quickly reviewed the menu only to find out my mistake that you could order any of their Margaritas as a ‘Giant Margarita’. Next time I won’t miss out!  Both drinks were great, full of flavor and it seemed there was a generous amount of booze too. Not only do they have great Margaritas but they have quite a selection of fun cocktails including a ‘Mango Hawaiian’, ‘Mudslide’ and ‘Vampiro’ - perfect for Halloween. If you’re not a fan of cocktails, don’t despair, they have a decent selection of beer and wine and soft drinks.

We munched on the chips and salsa which were good, while perusing the large menu. The chips were warm and fresh and the salsa had a little kick to it.  I usually order a hot salsa to replace the one most Mexican restaurants initially serve but I didn’t need to here. Their menu is quite large which is typical so it took us quite a while to read through it all and decide what we wanted. They have all the usual dishes and a few that are house specialties. Sizzling Fajitas are on their specialties menu and this is what Kevin ordered, the shrimp version.  I just love Colorado sauce so once I located that my decision was quick - I ordered the Burrito Colorado.

While we waited for our food we continued to enjoy our Margaritas and chips and salsa.  As is expected, we quickly ran out of chips and before we could raise our hand to get some more, a waiter dropped off another basket full of freshly made chips.  We were happy! The food didn’t take long to come, especially considering the restaurant was pretty packed.

Kevin’s shrimp fajitas were delivered to the table sizzling and smelling delicious. His tub of tortillas came as well as his garnishes which included a fresh salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. My burrito came, piping hot as well and was exactly as I ordered with guacamole and no sour cream. Well if it tasted nearly as good as it smelled we were in for a treat we figured. My first few bites delivered excellent flavor and extremely tender stewed beef that was super lean. The Colorado sauce that coated the meat was spot on as well. They were very generous with the guacamole which I loved, often restaurants skimp on guacamole which always annoys me. The burrito was a fairly good size and I considered just eating half but it was SO good I ended up eating the whole thing, well, except for the large fork full I gave to Kevin to sample. Kevin equally enjoyed his fajitas. He allowed me a sample in return and I agreed that they were pretty good.  The shrimp were a little overcooked but it wasn’t a deal breaker, shrimp are hard to keep at the sweet spot, especially when served on a hot skillet. Kevin also cleaned his plate!

We certainly had to consider having dessert now, especially with what was listed on their dessert menu. We could have chosen the Banana Burrito or the Deep Fried Ice Cream which is my absolute favorite. There was an Apple Chimichanga that looked delicious and something that I nearly went for was the Chimi-Cheese Cake. In the end we were too full so we decided not to over stuff ourselves and maybe eat less of our main course next time so we have room for dessert.

So, to sum up this place, it’s a good, solid Mexican restaurant. We both enjoyed what we ordered, the service was good and so were the Margaritas. I have had better Mexican food but I’d be more than happy to eat at 3 Margaritas again!